Monday, October 17, 2011

San Francisco Fleet Week!

While we were staying at Karen's place in Berkeley she was kind enough to watch Kipper for an afternoon while we ferried over to San Francisco to check out some of the Fleet Week festivities!

The Oakland ferry to Pier 41 was packed!

Cool, it runs on biodiesel!

The bay was full of navy ships, destroyers, and aircraft carriers.

The Bay Bridge

Angie can't contain her enthusiasm!

San Francisco!  We love this place.  We honeymooned here 14 years ago almost to the day!

The jets were hard to photo, 'cause they're fast, but you can just see a single plane over Alcatraz.  This pilot was amazing and did a couple of low passes right over our heads!

Here is the Blue Angels support plane.

And the Blue Angels!  I know, hard to tell but it's really them flying in formation.

Unfortunately they were only able to make some passes in formation and no stunts because, in true San Francisco fashion, fog rolled in!
Zoom in and you can see them in the left side of this photo.

Silver robot dudes.  Can't go anywhere without seeing these guys.

Fisherman's Wharf was packed with people!  Of course, the resident sea lions were also there.

Bye bye San Francisco, but just for a few days...
we'll be back to tear up the town with a familiar face...

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