Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Days 121 - 122: Las Vegas; Land of The Strip, Strip Malls, and Strippers

Las Vegas... why not?

It's only about 90 minutes away by LeTigre time.

So far, I like Nevada.  Cheapest gas the whole trip!

Would you believe there's a KOA Kamground right on the Strip?
Of course, it's Vegas!
It's right behind the old Circus Circus Casino and Hotel.  Not sure why they still choose to use the creepy clown for their logo.

LeTigre in Vegas, The Stratosphere in the background.

The infamous Strip.  Consumption gone mad, an adult playground.
Angie's been to Vegas but this was my first experience.  I knew it'd be crazy but I was a little rattled.  I'm sure there's better ways to experience it if you've got some money to spend so you can cab around but on our budget it was just kind of weird.

Walking the Strip, it's 99% tourists and the only locals you encounter are trying to stuff a card or pamphlet in your hand usually featuring a scantily dressed woman to promote a call girl service or strip club.  Made especially weird when the person is an aggressive little elderly woman.  Ewwww.

Really?  I don't know how some stuff gets made.  At least you'd always recognize your luggage at the airport.  Although, I think baggage handlers would go out of their way to abuse these.

We could totally be in Blue Man Group. 

Where else could Homer, Darth Vader, and Chuckee coexist on the same street corner?
Only in Vegas, baby.

As always, Kipper makes friends wherever we go.  A nice couple from Chicago had their Burnese with them.  Second Burnese we've met this trip.  The KOA had this great little dog park.

The KOA in Vegas is basically a big parking lot but we just happened to have this little spit of grass beside us.  Kipper loves grass...

Ever seen that cable show "Pawn Stars"?
We did a little drive-by to check the place out as we left town.

We did mange to have a good meal and the KOA was actually great.
Dog park, pool, hot tub, and even a sauna. 

So that was pretty much our Vegas experience.  I'd sum it up as surreal, but we always manage to have a good time!

Next: Yosemite, back to the wilderness!

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