Thursday, October 6, 2011

Days 101 - 104: Rain, Rain, GO AWAY

So, as we drove down the Oregon coast in the rain we dreamed out loud about how great California would be.  We'd actually been joking about California since our time in Canada and how the streets would be paved with avocados and the only thing falling from the sky would be wine and there'd be a rainbow at the California border eminating from a gift basket full of fresh avocados and wine and other California stuff...

Here we come California!

Boy were we wrong.

But, what to do?  Can't go home, so we carried on....into Redwood National Park to see some big trees....

 LeTigre waits patiently in the rain (with Kipper inside) while we check out the Lady Bird Johnson Redwood Grove.

 We literally ran the trail stopping occasionally to look up at the trees...

(P.S. Thanks to Jess for leaving her cool Mickey Mouse poncho at our house after ACL Mud Bowl 2009! Somehow it ended up in Le Tigre. Good thing too.)

 ...and take a few photos. We are standing inside one of the trees that's been hollowed out by past forest fires but continues to live!

Tell me that weird knot does not look like a  Witch Doctor face!

Slightly ironic that there's a big Paul Bunyon lumberjack statue near Redwood National Park since they nearly logged them all.  There used to be over 2 million of these trees, some of which were 3,000 years old.  Now there are just 200,000.

Cool old mining ghost town, Shasta

After the Redwoods, we drove inland, thinking we'd escape the rain and see another volcano!  Mother Nature had other plans.  We got about 20 miles from Lassen Volcanic National Park and drove into thick fog and the temperature dropped dramatically...

This is how you look after you call the park and find out that not only is there no visibility due to fog but the entrance road is closed because it snowed last night!

So, we went to a rest area to figure out our next move and met this cute cute puppy!!  Kipper really didn't know what to make of this ball of energy.  It was pretty funny.

After a sleepless night, we just drove south.  The weather was supposed to get better the further south we got (the radar showed a little pocket of sunshine closer to San Francisco).  We drove around Tomales Bay and came upon this little encave of buildings.  A friend had told us that we "MUST try the oysters"....... we did!!!  And we learned how to shuck them and everything!!  No pearls, but yum.

Evidence of money and time well spent!!

Wait a minute, is that sunshine?

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