Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 95 - 96: On the Road Again

So, after a great time in Portland with Ian and Grant (thanks again y'all) we headed east along the Columbia River Gorge towards Crater Lake National Park.

Along the way we made some stops to check out several waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls, which is 600 feet tall!  Stunning

Next we made a stop at Bonneville Dam.  The dam is important for electricity and river traffic but we found the "fish ladder" the most fascinating.  The salmon can either jump up the rungs of the ladder or...

....swim beneath it!  There's also a "fish counter":  a person who sits and counts the fish as they swim past so that they can monitor how the salmon population is doing.

Near the dam there was a fish hatchery with all kinds of different fish.  Here, Kipper is checking out some sturgeon with great interest.
Beacause they're huge!  There were several that were 10 feet long and the oldest, Herman, was 70 years old!

They kind of look like sharks at first glance but they're bottom feeders that live in rivers.  Kipper did not know what to make of these things!

Mt Hood!  Another volcano in the ring of volcanoes that include Crater Lake, Mt Ranier, and Mt St Helens.


Free camping at a National Forest campground called Sherwood Forest!


Okaaaaaay, we'll put Kipper back in the car.


This is what the warning was for.

We needed some wi-fi and they just happened to serve some micro-brew with it!
The 10 Barrell Brewpub in Bend, OR.

Bend is a neat little town with some pretty amazing parks.
Kipper misses having a yard.  Here he is getting his grass fix.

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