Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Days 115 - 116 : Kings Canyon National Park doesn't agree with LeTigre...

Kings Canyon National Park, CA
We love big trees and Kings Canyon has some.

Namely, the Grant Grove, which includes the General Grant Sequoia.
These giants were almost completely logged.  Some of the remaining ones are 3000 years old!

After visiting Grant Grove, we camped in the adjacent National Forest.  We've discovered that now that summer is over, things are starting to close, like campsites.
But we don't mind, we love camping for free!

Next day we drove into Kings Canyon and this is about as much as we saw....

....'cause we broke down.
This is how Angie and Kipper spent the day.  Meanwhile I got a ride with a Park Ranger to the nearest pay phone since there was no cell service.  He dropped me at the visitor's center that had closed just that morning for the season.  Luckily the phones still worked.

Kipper taking it in stride.

Apparently Kings Canyon falls on the border between Northern and Southern California, at least according to AAA.  I spent several hours getting bounced between the two of them until they finally dispatched the tow truck.  Michael's Towing to the rescue!

LeTigre gets a ride to the nearest town...

...where she gets unloaded at the local O'Reilly Auto Parts store.
Sunset at the strip mall.

The culprit.  A $50 belt tensioner.  Took about 15 minutes to actually fix it but all day to get there.  Sadly, we never made it back to Kings Canyon but stay tuned because Sequoia National Park more than made up for it...

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