Monday, October 17, 2011

Days 110 - 112: Rescue, CA? Where's that?

We had such a great time with Karen and John.  Not only that we met about 20 of their neighbors at a get together they hosted.  Friendly people.  So friendly, in fact, that we were offered another place to stay!

Neighbors, Carla (far left) and Donna (far right, unfortunately the only photo we have of them) from across the street have a little place a couple of hours away on the way to Tahoe... Rescue, CA!

The historic Rescue Post Office

Drat, we missed the pancake breakfast at the local firehouse...

...but saw the pumpkin patch!

The firehouse

The little house was Carla's father's and she has kept it as a getaway and a place to store her camper (which is a pop-up, very similar to ours but mounted on a 4 wheel drive pickup).  Carla also loaned us a bunch of literature about State and National Parks that we perused while we waited out the rain, the day we left Berkeley.

The next day it was beautiful!  The sun was out and gave us a chance to enjoy the great back porch and the huge yard to play with Kipper.  It was a great place to relax for a couple of days.  It also gave me an opportunity to do a little work on the van.

A flock of wild turkeys regularly passed thru the yard!  Oh boy, was Kipper interested!

We had a kitchen so we stuffed some peppers for dinner one night.

Did I mention the view?  That's the Sierra Nevadas in the far distance by moonlight.  Beautiful.

Thanks Carla and Donna for loaning us the place!

Next: Blowing the budget in San Francisco!

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