Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One Hundred Days on the Road!!!

After a great couple of days at Crater Lake, Angie needed to go back to the beach so I found the most direct route on the map.  A little gray jaggedy line.

If you ever have an opportunity to take this road in Oregon, don't do it!

Very scenic!

It started out paved but halfway across there was a detour onto a gravel National Forest road.  This was the good part.

This is my second thought look... cause we're on a one-lane gravel road with a cliff on my left.

Anyway we survived that and spent a couple of days on the Oregon coast riding around in the rain...

Checking out old lighthouses...

and other interesting historical tidbits...

and also got to see these really cool kite surfers.

Farewell wet and rainy Oregon coast!
Onto California!

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