Thursday, July 12, 2012

Days 87 - 89: Return to Altoona!

From Cleveland, we headed east a little ways to drop in on my brother, David, and his family.
This is the second time we've seen them this trip.  We stopped on our way north back in April when it was still chilly up here.

They had a houseful our last visit including my Mom and Pam's parents, John and Anna, who hosted us in Hyde Park when the van needed repair.

Our last oil change was in Altoona so it was a good time to get some maintenance done on LeTigre.  We've driven over 5,000 miles since we were here last!

I hadn't had a trim since we left Austin so it was a good time for some maintenance on me too...

...and even Kipper got some grooming!

When we weren't doing maintenance stuff or catching up on blog entries or laundry, we were hangin' out with David and the boys playing Wii...

...eating home cookin'...

...including this awesome yorkshire pudding thing Pam made for breakfast.
Helen and Angie approve!
I swear these kids have grown since April.
Big thanks to Pam, Dave, Helen, John, and Paul for letting us raid the fridge and borrow the sleeper sofa for a couple of days!

After our respite, we were off to Kentucky to inflict ourselves on more unsuspecting family members who were gathering for a July 4th celebration...

who don't even know we're coming!

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