Saturday, July 28, 2012

Days 110 - 114: Pig Roast 2012! Beaver Lake, Arkansas

From Memphis it was a fairly easy drive to our next destination...

Beaver Lake, Arkansas!
There's a family cabin on Beaver Lake but it's not our family's.  Angie's oldest friend, Jessica, is the connection.  Every summer, her family has a big party where they roast a whole pig! Unfortunately, Jess couldn't make it this year.

We made sure it was OK with her peeps and went anyway!
Her step-mom's family has had this place for 40+ years.

And what a fantastic place it is!

Definitely dog-friendly...

...but not pig-friendly.
That's M.A. collecting little piggy from the friendly butcher (thanks for procuring it, Val!).

I liked the butcher shop right away!

"Pig Roast" started about 10 or so years ago and has been an annual tradition ever since.  Angie has been a couple of times and I'd been once.  It's a blast!
For a few years, the pig was roasted over an open fire on a spit, later luau-style in a pit, and this year they tried a "Cajun Microwave."  Basically a wooden box insulated with metal flashing with the coals placed underneath.

Hal built it from scratch and, in another stroke of genius, reversed the shop vac into a blower to speed up the charcoal.
Rob is impressed.

The box worked beautifully!  Pig was done after 6 hours or so.  Corey, resident chef, checks the temperature to make sure it's done.

This is a family affair and they start 'em young.  Jeremy, Kellie, and baby Lucas doing some quality control.
(Thanks for the photo, Val!)

Dig in!

It was also M.A.'s birthday and she even prepared her own cake!
Yummy cheesecake, mmmm

After dinner, everyone retired to the living room.  Some suffered from post-pig stuper...

No one was immune, even the dogs were wiped out.
Kipper and Augie became good buddies. All six dogs got along great!

Thatcher and Isabella are adept with the smart phones.

When we weren't preparing food or eating it, we were usually in the lake...

mixing drinks...
(Thanks for the photo, Val!)

in the lake...
(Thanks for the photo, Val!)

or hangin' in the house keeping cool with Corey, Isabella, and Jen...
(Thanks for the photo, Val!)

back in the lake...

or sippin' wine, pettin' a dog(s)...
(Thanks for the photo, Val!)

or in the lake...
(Thanks for the photo, Val!)

or climbing on Uncle Jeremy...
(Thanks for the photo, Val!)

swappin' stories...

or on the boat for a sunset cruise with Karen, Hal, Jarret, and M.A. (and Bimmer)

Thatcher got some fishing tips from Hal... serious business, just look at that concentration.

Thanks to the whole family for including us in y'all's celebration!!
A great time was had by all!
Except the pig...

Next: A walk down memory lane in Big D...

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  1. We are so glad you joined us! Your photos say it best. "A good time was had by all!" Well, maybe not the pig.