Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 103 - 105: Indiana Amish Country and Chain O' Lakes State Park

After the RV Museum, we headed to a KOA and camped for the night.  It was pretty nice but the most remarkable thing there...

...was their pregnant goat!  Looks like she's carrying quite a litter!

Next day, we headed to Middlebury, Indiana, in the heart of Amish country, for a look around.
(thanks for the suggestion, Tracy and Bobby!)

First stop: cheese factory!

Angie watches as the cheese makers work the curd. She's in heaven.

Then we tasted about twenty different cheeses!
We left with some swiss and horseradish white cheddar, mmmm.

Just down the road we bought some fresh produce... 

...and a jar of cherry-jalapeno jelly, it's so good.

They had this really cool bee hive that you can look inside.  There's a tunnel thru the wall for the bees to come and go.

At another store, we bought some other essentials and decided to take a chance on this canned pork since we were looking for something to use for tacos.  "Pork Chunks" sounds scary, but it was great!  Basically pulled pork.

Everything we purchased in the area was so reasonably priced and delicious!

Once we were provisioned, we headed over to Chain O' Lakes State Park which we had read about in our "Off the Beaten Path" book. (Thanks Ryders and Boyets!)

Can you guess what created the lakes...?

Yep, a glacier!

The beach is man-made but the lakes are natural. As the huge Wisconsin Glacier retreated about 10,000 years ago, huge chunks dropped off and formed the lakes.

The park also has an old one-room schoolhouse that's been restored.

The park is really nice and has lots of things to do.  There's also a lot of activities conducted by park staff.  We went on a "canoe hike" led by the park's resident naturalist who gave us all the details about how the glacier created the lakes.

We were enjoying ourselves so much we stayed a second night and got to hear the "Nashville Rebels" perform.  They're traditional country so we heard classics by Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Willie, etc.  Made us feel like we were back in Texas. Great stuff!

Even Kipper couldn't contain his enthusiasm!
Thanks Indiana!

Next: Back to the Mississippi River and we visit St. Louis.

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