Monday, July 2, 2012

Days 83 - 84: Chillin' in Caledon

About this time last year, we were at Michelle's house in the town of Chemainus on Vancouver Island.  While we were there, her cousin, Erin, came to visit with her boys, Nick and Michael.  Well, we hit it off and have kept in touch ever since and she invited us to visit her in Caledon, about an hour north of Toronto!

 Ahhh memories... here we are all together last year! Us, Nick, Michael, Michelle, Erin, and the dogs, looking oh so regal.

 Erin and her family live in an old farmhouse that Canadians call a "century house."  It's about 150 years old!  It's an amazing house that's been restored and expanded over the years.

 When we arrived, Erin and her husband, David, had a house full of people and she was preparing a big dinner.  Great timing on our part!  Here she's showing off her cooking prowess by making some whiskey ribs for a couple of Texans...

 ...and mmmmm mmmmmm, were they delicious!!!

David races canam midget cars, which are powered by 750cc Suzuki motorcycle engines. Don't be fooled by the size, they're scary fast and loud! Greg spent some time geeking out on the cars and asking David lots of questions about them.  Unfortunately, we couldn't stick around long enough to see him race this weekend at Sauble Raceway, but here's some YouTube footage we found from some old races and boy are they fun to watch! Wish we could've joined them this weekend and seen the races in person.

 Six the Cat and Kipper the Dog.....unrequited love on the dog's part.

 Exercise is a good distraction for unrequited love. Fortunately, Erin & David have a HUGE yard.

 Erin is so sweet: she got inspired to roast a chicken because I made a comment on a previous blog entry that we don't have a lot of roast chicken on our trip, so she made us one! And, again, it was delicious!  Mmmmmmm.....

We had a great, relaxing two days at Erin and David's, just what we needed!
Y'all come see us in Austin so we can show you around and get some TexMex!  And Erin, you don't have to cook...unless you want to...and then, who are we to argue?

But seriously, come visit! 

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