Monday, July 30, 2012

Austin, Home Sweet Home!

We're back!

We set out on our "Great American" road trip June 21, 2011 and officially arrived home July 26, 2012.

After visiting 42 states (some multiple times), 7 Canadian provinces, and driving nearly 30,000 miles, we're finally home...
and still married!

This chapter of our travels is done but we'll be continuing to blog about the trip, our budget (we came in under budget!), favorite places, and future travel plans.  We have successfully scratched the "epic road trip itch," for now, but it might be spreading into a rash... in a good rash sort of way... uh, if there is such a thing... y'all know what we mean!
Stay tuned for more adventures!

For now, we're in our lovely city of Austin for the foreseeable future and look forward to reconnecting with everyone and becoming contributing members of society again!  We visited some incredible places and have returned with a fresh perspective about our home and how much we love it here.  It's good to be back.

Now we just need jobs!

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