Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 85: Niagara Falls and We Return to the USA!

Sorry for the long silence!  We've been visiting family and also had to fool my (Greg's) Mom so that she wouldn't know exactly where we were... more on that in a future blog.

When we left off, we were winding down our time in Canada and preparing to re-enter the US.  We decided to cross back at Niagara Falls.

The Canadian side is a like a mini-Vegas with hotels and casinos.

Everyone told us that the view of the falls is better from the Canadian side...

...and they were right for two reasons.  Although you're surrounded by all the gaudy casino stuff, you can see the entire expanse of the falls and, since the American side is a state park, there's no clutter in the background!

Whoa!  Look at the erosion in the last 333 years! They actually put in some tunnels so some of the water could travel through the tunnels instead of over the falls, decreasing the erosion.  

This little boy, Roger Woodward, went over the falls and survived!

After crossing the border, we went to check out the falls from the US side.
Of course, it's beautiful...

...but this is the back drop.
Take your passport and see it from both sides, if you can.

That night we camped on Lake Ontario.

Toronto was visible across the lake, 30 miles away!

So long Canada, thanks for having us!

P.S. We loved our time in Canada, on both the east and west sides. We met some wonderful people, saw some beautiful country, and learned so much about their history & culture, resulting in learning more about our (US) history & culture. It's fascinating to see our country through the eyes of our neighbors! 

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