Sunday, July 29, 2012

Days 115 - 117: Big Fun in "Big D"!

After a fantastic time at "pig roast," it was time to turn towards home.  My high school buddy, Christopher, tracked me down a while back when he was visiting Austin and invited us to drop by for a visit when we passed thru Dallas.  So we did!

His kids are great and really rolled out the red carpet for us.  This greeting was on the driveway when we arrived and Carson was nice enough to let us borrow his bedroom!

After a hot, 6-hour drive, the first thing we did was jump in the pool with Mercy, Carson, and Meadow!

Kipper made an instant friend with the neighbor's dog, Lacey.

Christopher and Jamie live across from a great park.  This is their sunset every night.

After some delicious burgers for dinner, we relaxed and caught up on what's been going on the last 20 years or so.

Following morning, we took a walk in the park with the neighbor, Scott, and his son, Logan...

and afterwards went over to the Dallas Arboretum where there was a glass sculpture exhibit.

The sculptor is Dale Chihuly, whose work we also saw when we visited Tacoma.
Full circle!

The glass sculptures were all over the Arboretum...

in fountains...

...and flower beds

 ...and in canoes.
Thanks to Christopher for getting us in with his family pass!

Speaking of sculpture... We didn't go to the zoo but we saw their giraffe statue from the highway.  The sculptor is the same artist that created City Museum in St. Louis.
Full circle!

We had lunch at Rusty Taco, which is the first TexMex we've had since we left Austin in April.
The fish tacos were awesome!

Christopher took me on a little tour of some of our old haunts, such as lower Greenville...

...and then we met up with everyone for dinner at Fireside Pies.  Yummy pizza!
It was a great meal and great company.  Thanks, Christopher, Carson, Mercy, Jamie, Meadow (being shy), Paige (that's a reflection, she does not have a mohawk, although that'd be cool), Scott, and Logan.

Christopher had been wanting to visit the "Sixth Floor Museum" in the old Texas School Book Depository building so Angie and I joined him.  The museum chronicles JFK's assassination  and is very well done.  Photos are not allowed inside but here's the exterior.  Oswald was at the corner window...

Some other interesting Dallas history.  The town started as a trading post.

After the museum, we met up with another old friend of ours, Bo, (who I hadn't seen in a looong time) for a bite to eat at Snuffers Hamburgers!  We had a great lunch, caught up on what each of us has been doing, and had some belly laughs about the trouble, near-death experiences, and fun we had together as teenagers.

It's nice to have friends that you can not talk to for a decade (or more) and just pick up where you left off!

Thanks to Christopher, Jamie, Bo, and everyone for a great visit.

Come see us in Austin!

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