Friday, September 23, 2011

Days 79 - 80: Olympic National Park, WA

Olympic National Park on the Olympic Peninsula has quite a variety of things to offer, from rain forest to mountains, but Angie is a beach girl so we spent most of our time at the many beaches.

The beaches themselves are each pretty unique.  The first one we visited, Mora Beach, had smooth pebbles rather than sand and the surf was so violent it would have been crazy to swim.  Meanwhile, at nearby LaPush, the beach is typical sand and the waves much calmer so we were able to swim a little.

We camped the first night at the Kalaloch Campground and only by luck and some sluething by Angie were able to get the last available campsite.  Angie noticed an unoccupied campsite with a "reserved" notice and tracked down the camper in charge to ask if we could have it.  Turns out, a large group had reserved a bunch of sites and didn't use one of them.  Go Angie!
This is the nearby beach at low tide and sunset.

Just down the coast a few miles: we camped the next day at a great campground called South Beach.  This is where we spent September 11th.  The campsites are on a bluff overlooking a long sandy beach.  We probably would have stayed another day but the campground closed the next day for the winter.

Angie in her element getting some sun while Kipper stays cool under his umbrella.

Our little shanti by the sea.

Another beautiful Pacific sunset.

Don't be fooled by all the sunshine.... it was misty and cloudy about half the time.  We just didn't take as many photos!

Once we'd had enough beach and were almost out of provisions we headed to Olympia, WA to resupply and go to REI to exchange our hiking boots that were giving us some issues.  The new shoes are working out great.  That night, we camped at a great little place outside Olympia, WA.
Angie's excited because we just came from Trader Joe's for the first time.
Taco dinner!


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