Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 70: Tofino

The coast of Ucluelet is rocky and craggy, but just 30 miles down the road is Tofino, with wide, sandy beaches.  Uke seems to be more of a fishing village, and Tofino is where all the surfers hang out.  It's where we hung out too.

 Kipper's first run on a sandy beach.  The waves sorta threw him at first, but his love for the ball (or in this case a piece of driftwood) overcame all.

It was pretty cold that morning.  It's weird to be barefoot on the bottom and be all bundled up on top.

 More shacks/lean-tos built out of the cedar logs that wash up on shore.  You can't see it very well, but this one has 3 sides and a roof!

Fine, black sand.

 A washed up tree stump that looks like it's been there forever.  Cool.

Oh yes, sunshine, please!!!  (Kipper's under the umbrella)

Surf's up, dude!!

We had heard of Tacofino from a couple of people so had to try it.  Even though we're not eating out a lot, we figured we could afford some trailer food!!

OMG, the best fish tacos ever. 

The rain forest around our campsite at Pacific Rim National Park.   You walk through this super dense forest...........

...........out to this.  Beautiful and breathtaking.

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  1. Oh my!! I love the dense lush forest and then the beach! Must go soon!