Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 65 - 66: Denman Island

After leaving Michelle's, we drove north to catch a ferry for the short ride to Denman Island.  Everybody had been telling us we should check out Denman and its sister island, Hornby
....so we did!

 Helloooooooo, Denman!

 Our first stop on the island was the campground at Fillongley Provincial Park.  There are only ten campsites there and of course they were all full by the time we got there.  But we did check out the beach.  Pretty!  The tide's out (or is it "oot"?) in this picture and you can see Hornby Island in the background.  The coast on Vancouver Island is mostly forested and lumber is a huge industry there (like in all of Canada).  The lumber is transported via water, and sometimes the wood escapes the transport, so there are washed up cedar logs all over the beaches.  Also a lot of fallen trees get washed into the ocean and end up back on the beaches.  People take the logs and make cool stuff on the beaches. 

 "Drop it, Kipper!"

 I was amazed by the purple shells all over the beaches. 

 Mama, Papa, and Baby silver dollars.  And check out the black sand!

 We ended up staying at a hostel that night, where the old hippy dude who owned the place tried to rip us off (note I said "TRIED").  But, he also told us about a lake on the island that no tourists know about.  It's a small, clear, pristine lake....just beautiful.  In this picture, I'm trying to not drown so we can get the obligatory self-pic.  I'm not succeeding very well.

 We ended up getting a spot at Fillongley!  After our bike ride around the island and our swim in the lake, we went back to Fillongley and hung out at the beach (omg, omg, omg, the beach, the beach the beach!!!). Bliss.

 Yeah, even Le Tigre is happy at Fillongley!

Oh Kipper, you're so princely.

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