Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Days 67 - 69: Ucluelet

(Our day count is a little off.  I guess it doesn't matter that much......)
 Hellllooooooooo Ucluelet!!!!!!!!!

We ended up staying in Uke for 3 nights.  We camped at Ucluelet Campground and the first night we were there, we got almost no sleep because we were right by a busy road.  When we told them, they moved us to a spot with a great view of the harbor!  Nice.  So, we explored Uke.  We also took that time to explore Tofino, the surf town 30 miles away, but that's a later post.

 Old bug, new bug, pink bug, yellow bug!

 The West Coast Trail portion of the Pacific Rim National Park.  On one side is the ocean.  On the other side is a dense forest.

 "I have conquered this mountain!!"


 There are a lot of trees up here all twisted like this. I don't know why or how it happens, but it's very neat.  Some are even more crooked than this.

 Obligatory self pic.

These HUGE slugs are everywhere.  Blek.  Better than a cougar, though.  The day we got to Uke, a cougar attacked an 18-month old child at a popular beach at Kennedy Lake.  The kid is okay, thankfully, but now the park is closed because they have to catch the cougar. Cougars are scarier than bears.  They're way sneakier.  I feel bad for the child and her family, and I feel bad for the cougar.  They'll probably put it down.  

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