Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Days 72-76 Saint Michelle Part Deux!

After spending a night hanging with Brad, Jacqueline, the kiddos, and pets, we turned back south to Chemainus to see Michelle again before heading back to the US.  If you haven't read the entry for Days 62-64, you might want to rewind and read that.  She helped us out after LeTigre took on some water camping in the rain and basically adopted us for a few days.
So we went back for more!

This time we got to repay her generosity a little bit with some yardwork and handyman chores, which we were more than happy to do.  The yardwork wasn't even at her house.  It was at her friends John and Molly's that she's been helping out.  John and Molly have a few acres with a mini-golf course that he built himself!  Here I am with Michelle's bro-in-law, Dayle, and John taking a break to try the 18th hole on the course.  John didn't build it to be easy, I think it took me a dozen tries to finally sink it!  Meanwhile, Angie is back at Michelle's, putting a coat of stain on her new fence and making dinner.

John with his creation.  He's quite a guy.  Before retirement he was an upholsterer and furniture builder, but not only that, he was an inventor and even has a few patents.

John, Michelle, Molly (holding "Monkey"), and Dayle taking a watermelon break and looking at a photo album with lots of John's furniture, auto upholstery, and inventions.  The album included photos of a really cool paddle boat that he made.  The boat was pedal powered by two people and also had wheels attached so that it could be pedaled to the water!
John has a blog of his inventions.  I misplaced the address but will add it as soon as I find it.

UPDATE: I found it! John's Blog

Mini-golf course after mowing, weed eating, and clearing.  This was a jungle when we started.  It needs more work to be functional again but Michelle has made it a goal to get it back in shape.  I'm sure she will.

Michelle has some rental properties she's getting back into shape.  I got to do a little minor plumbing.  Just like home!

Angie mentioned in the previous blog that Michelle sometimes works as a professional camp cook and medic for oil field workers.  We're not oil field workers but maybe we should be 'cause they eat well!
Salmon with pesto and another filet with creamy dill...

"Eggs Bene" topped with salmon...

Michelle with another masterpiece, salmon cakes.  None of that fish went to waste.  She sent these with us and they fed us for two more meals!

There was an artisan fair downtown the last day we were there.

Angie bought a really cool little purse that was made from repurposed seat belts, bike tires, and other materials.  Check out Claire's Etsy store: UrchinBags

Riley and Kipper got in a lot of playtime.  Riley plays well with smaller dogs.  He could have easily hurt Kipper but he seems to know when to stop.  Here he lets Kipper win one.

Curbside couch score freebee!  The neighbors must have gotten a pretty nice new couch 'cause this thing was pretty cool.  We helped haul it back to the shop that Michelle is opening soon with her sister.  "Vintage Alley"!

We can't thank Michelle enough for all her Canadian hospitality.  There's talk of her visiting Austin, there could be another chapter to this story...

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