Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 61: One Day in British Columbia

Now here's a little story I got to tell about three poor travelers you know so well.
It started way back on August twenty-one, we were just out, lookin' for some fun.

 OK, enough of that.  We left our campsite at Cache Creek after cooking a delicious breakfast of french toast and grilled peaches.  Yum.

 And after Kipper begged us to have his picture taken, pretending to be the sheriff!
Oh Kipper, that jokester.

 The drive westward towards Vancouver Island is beautiful.  Snow is still on the tops of the mountains.  I guess it never melts.

 Hell's Gate is a very deep, very steep ravine.  It's called Hell's Gate because the guy that first explored it said that no human should ever go into the area.  Now, of course, they charge tourists $20 to go into the canyon.  Being poor travelers, we chose not to pay the money.  Instead, we stood outside the building and took silly pictures.

 Down the road a bit is this old bridge.  It's pretty cool (and free!!)

 Kipper, not being a fan of heights or see-through bridges, stayed on the solid ground and watched us carefully every step of the way.
Oh man.   What is the biggest fear of camping road-trippers (besides being eaten by bears)?  Well, breaking down on a busy highway, of course.  Annnnnd, that's what happened.  We were on the outskirts of Vancouver and got stuck in a traffic jam (apparently, Canada has two seasons.....winter and construction, true story.)  Le Tigre started running like crap, so we pulled over to the side of the road.  Greg, being the brilliant man that he is, figured out the problem in about 15 minutes and we got going again.  Yay!!!

We found an auto parts store and he fixed the issue.  Then, we drove through Vancouver, on our way to the ferry terminal to go over to Vancouver Island.  One thing led to another, and we ended up in Squamish, about an hour north of the ferry terminal, looking for gas.  And we'd been driving ALL day so we decided to just find a campsite in Squamish.  BUT, there were no campsites available.  There was a big music festival in town (Live at Squamish) so where do you think we slept?  In the Wal-Mart parking lot, of course!!  We managed to keep our spirits up and walked down to the concert and heard Metric and Weezer!!  And I was all happy and thinking "wow!! look how things work out!!" because I LOVE Metric. 

So we slept.....until about 4 am, when it started to storm and Le Tigre started to leak on our HEADS.  Man, we were wet and dirty and cold and tired and grumpy and it was dark and we were hungry and we hadn't brushed our teeth and there was water everywhere.  And our spirits weren't so high anymore.......

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