Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 71: Comox

After we left Tofino, we decided to drive back to the northeast side of the island to see Brad & Jacqueline, the couple we met on Hornby Island.  We'd be re-tracing our steps, but they're cool and we wanted to see them again.

 On the way back through the island, we stopped at Cathedral Grove.  Big, huge, 800-year-old cedars.

 Dude, can I drive?  Can I? Can I? Please?

Heh.  Le Tigre needs this bumper sticker (seen on an old VW bus).

We had a great time with Jacqueline & Brad.  Of course we forgot to take pictures of them or their pets or their cool kids or their awesome vintage 1962 porsche 356 (that Brad restored himself and hopes to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats.....)  But, as we were driving away (and after Brad left to pick up his friend from the ferry terminal), we remembered the camera and ran back to the house and said, "Jacqueline!!  We need a picture!!"

And we got ONE.  Thanks for everything, guys!! 

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