Monday, June 11, 2012

Days 65 - 66: Portland and DownEast Maine

The weather hasn't been cooperative. Rainy and cold. We tried to go to Boston after leaving Jess's, but couldn't find street parking, the garages were 6'6" (LeTigre is 7'), streets were closed for a parade, and then missed our exit to the one thing we really wanted to see (the U.S.S. Constitution) so we headed on to Portland, Maine.  Cities are tough with our travel style (budget & dog) so we didn't get to spend a lot of time there but we found easy (and free!) parking at their visitor center so had a chance to walk around a bit. We liked it immediately.

Even on a grey drizzly day it's very pretty.  It's compact with a nice combination of historic and modern architecture.

The downtown harbor area is cool, filled with coffee shops, restaurants, bars, museums, and neat stores.

Portland is Maine's largest city with a metro population of over 500,000; a third of the state's population!
The actual city is about 66,000. 

This is pretty similar to the weather we experienced in Portland, Oregon...
Which, by the way, was named after Portland, Maine.

We wanted to see if there was any difference between Maine lobster and Rhode Island lobster so we made a stop at
Day's Take-out up the road in Yarmouth.

So far so good!
Day's has great chowder and fried clams too.

Down to business! Guess what?  No difference, both are delicious!

After the yummy lunch in Yarmouth, we continued north towards our next destination, Acadia.

Move over Gravedigger and make way for
Doesn't matter where you go, there's gonna be monster trucks and this is probably the most unique we've seen.  Awesome!

And this is pretty unique too, an updated Motel 6!  When you travel with a dog, you get to know Motel 6 pretty well 'cause they're dog friendly (and cheap).  Our experience has ranged from OK to mildly funky.  We found the nicest Motel 6 we've ever seen in Bangor, ME.  Who knew?

Next: Acadia National Park

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