Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 76: A Wonderful Time in Moncton & Shediac!

From Prince Edward Island, it was an easy drive back into New Brunswick.

We headed back to Moncton to meet up with Isaac and Louise, a couple we had met while camping in South Carolina.
Note that the signs are all bilingual...

Although this needs no translation! They have big moose up here.

 Isaac and Louise were nice enough to invite us for dinner at their son, Jacques', house, where Isaac has been helping Jacques with renovations. When we got there, we noticed this building across the street.  We love to watch curling events during the Olympics and there's nothing unusual about the sport of curling up here, but it's a totally foreign concept to us.

Right after we arrived, Louise showed up with homemade sauce and all the fixins for a spaghetti feast!  What a treat!

After a fantastic meal, great conversation, and a tour of Jacques' wood shop (he's an amazing woodworker), we followed Isaac and Louise out to a family cottage that belongs to Jacques' in-laws.

Home for the night!
We relish a real bed under a roof when we can get it...
A family friend, Mike, was at the cottage when we got there.  He shared his beer with us and we talked until almost midnight.  It was a great visit, thanks Mike!

The next morning, Mike left to take care of some chores and the rest of us went for a walk on the beach, but the tide was still too high... 

So we went back to the cottage where Isaac and Louise prepared another feast!

By the time we were done with breakfast, the sun had come out and the tide had receded enough to walk the beach.

After a brisk walk and some more pleasant conversation, it was time for everyone to hit the road.  Isaac and Louise were heading to Fundy National Park (we were just there) for a well deserved break from renovating Jacques' house, and we were heading onto Quebec.

We took a very picturesque route into Quebec that Isaac and Louise suggested.  Their route took us thru the magnificent Matapédia Valley, along the equally magnificent St. Lawrence River, and past their beautiful home!  We stopped just long enough to run Kipper, fill some water bottles, and leave them a little gift.

Thanks Isaac, Louise, Jacques, and Mike for a wonderful visit!
We look forward to seeing you all again someday!

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