Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 70: Campobello Island, Our 1st Night in Canada

There's a teeny tiny island in the Bay of Fundy called Campobello that belongs to Canada, even though the only way to get there is through the U.S.  And despite the fact that Franklin D Roosevelt spent many summers at his family's cottage there, both as a child and as an adult with his own family. Canada really should just give the island to us (words of the Canadian Customs guy, not me!). 

FDR's cottage and the surrounding lands were donated to both the U.S. and Canada, resulting in the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Of course we had to continue our tour of all things FDR, so we drove from Acadia straight to Campobello and found a cute provincial park to spend the night. 

 View of Lubec, Maine from Campobello.  

 It was rainy and cold and we were all snuggly and asleep, when we were rousted out of bed by Kipper getting sick. Once we were up to deal with that, there was no point in going back to bed so we got a very early start to the day. 

Good thing, too, because we caught low tide and were able to walk out to the East Quoddy Head Lighthouse, only accessible at low tide. The Bay of Fundy has the biggest tides in the world, up to 50 feet! So, when it's low tide, it's REALLY low tide.

 If you don't know the tidal schedule, you may be in big trouble.
 To get to the lighthouse, you have to climb over a bunch of seaweedy rocks (seen at the bottom), over a sandy part that's usually under water, up a rickety staircase....

 ....down a rickety staircase (repeat steps 1-4 a couple of times) and then....

You're there! It's a very pretty lighthouse.

 Boat graveyard uncovered during low tide. The fog just makes it all that more spooky.

 FDR's Campobello summer "cottage."  He loved this place and enjoyed an active island life with his family. Ironically, it was here, where Franklin was so active, that he contracted polio. 

 It's a pretty cool house.  It's very well preserved and set-up like it would look back when Franklin and Eleanor visited. But, by this time, we've seen a lot of that kind of thing and so, by extension, have you. So I'm going to skip all that....with one exception. This cool old stove!  It was given to FDR by his mother.  (The turkey's fake, unfortunately. You don't get many roasted turkeys on our road trip.)

 What makes the stove extra special cool is that it's the "president" model.  His mother picked it out for this reason.  Pretty cool, right?

Another neat lighthouse.  This one is in Lubec, Maine where you cross back into the US.

We had planned to take a ferry from Campobello into New Brunswick but it doesn't start operating until June 16th!  And so, we went back through Customs to get back to the States so we could go back through Customs to get back into Canada.

Next up: more Bay of Fundy! Tides like you've never seen! Crazy rock formations! And more rain! Will we ever seen the sun again? Stay tuned.......

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