Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Days 61 - 62: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

New England is pretty compact so we made a little weekend trip out to the end of Cape Cod to Provincetown.

If lighthouses are your thing, I highly recommend you go there 'cause they're all over the place.
This is the Nauset Lighthouse.

Provincetown is right out of a postcard and reminded us a lot of Key West.

We biked around town...

and conquered some lands. Actually, we discovered that the Mayflower landed here first before finally going to Plymouth.

How 'bout that?

Next morning, we walked the beach towards the Race Point Lighthouse...

and saw a pod of seals swimming nearby!

Once we'd had our fill of the beach, we headed back down the Cape and stopped at the Highland Lighthouse...

and, a little further down, the Marconi Station Site, where the first transatlantic wireless transmission was sent.

We gave Kipper a run on Marconi Beach and then grabbed some lunch at Moby Dick's. 
Mmmm, lobster roll and coleslaw.

After our late lunch, we were debating whether to camp or head back towards Portsmouth when we heard from our friends Joe and Lisa, whom we met in Key West last February!  We'd been playing email tag when suddenly Joe called.  Luckily, they were home and right down the road in Pocasset!

They've got a beautiful home and the yard is a boater's dream... or nightmare... or maybe both, I guess, depending how you look at it.  Anyway, I loved it since we're in the debating stage about the possibility of a boat in our future.  In the off season, the masts are removed and  the boats are shrink wrapped so they can be worked on in any kind of weather.  In the previous photo, Joe, Lisa, and Angie are standing in the cockpit of "Trial Run", the 37' O'Day on the right. Joe was getting her together the day after we left so she should be back in the water in no time!

Joe and Lisa were kind enough to include us in their friend Gregg's birthday celebration and took us all out to dinner at the restaurant down at their local marina.  We must have met 20 people as Joe and Lisa appear to know everyone in the boating community.  It was a great meal and a great time.  Thanks Joe and Lisa!

And thanks Cape Cod, we'll be back!

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