Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Days 63 - 64: Newport Numero Dos

We got back to Jess's in Portsmouth just in time for the weekend.  Dave was on a dirt bike riding trip with Scott, so it was just me, Greg, and Jess.  So we girls dragged Greg to a tribute band in Newport!

 Can you guess which "band" we saw?

 That's right, "Separate Ways the Band," paying tribute to the great, the awesome, JOURNEY!

There were, literally, 7 or 8 bachelorette parties at the club. And they all had some sort of prop: sashes, little hats, cards, veils. Jess is surrounded.

The band did a great job. "Steve Perry" was exactly like the real thing!

 The next day, we went for a drive and ended up back on Cliff Walk, but on the other end from where Greg and I walked earlier.

The cliffs on this end aren't as steep as on the north end. You can get right up to the water.

 And, of course, the mansions are still there.

Del's Frozen Lemonade is a tradition in Rhode Island (actually, ice cream of any kind is kinda a big deal here), so Jess treated us to the icy, tangy, slightly sweet drink while a storm gathers force behind us!

 So we booked it back to the house, put on our jammies and sweaters, and vegged with the pets. Or, rather, Jess got the pets. I got the couch.

(I guess we didn't get a picture with all four of us? Bad bloggers.)
Jess and Dave, thanks so much for a great visit!! We miss y'all already.


P.S. You must check out Flula.  Safe for work, as long as you don't laugh too loud.

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