Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 79 - 80: Vermont Detour

Because we love driving around in circles so much, we decided to go back into the States for a couple of days before visiting Ottawa. Also, we had skipped Vermont on our way through the NE and really wanted to check it off on our map!

 We were a little worried that Customs would have a problem with us going back and forth between the two countries so often, but it turned out to be no biggie.

 Yay! We made it! Now there's not a teeny tiny Vermont shaped hole in our map.

 We camped at Grand Isle State Park on the shores of Lake Champlain.

 It's a nice park with campsites and these lean-to things!

 Lake Champlain is pretty big and even has its own lake monster, "Champ." 

 Unfortunately, we didn't see "Champ." We did, however, see this crazy tree growing out of stone!

 Kipper didn't let a lake monster keep him out of the water. The only thing he was scared of was a floating branch.

 Looking for "Champ"

 The next day, we crossed Lake Champlain via ferry which was a short cut over to Plattsburgh, New York so we could go to...

 Ah, the laundromat.  We knew we were going to be staying with friends but couldn't wait even one more day to do laundry. That's what happens when you drive around in an un-air-conditioned van in 90+ temperatures.

 We spent the night here, just across from Cornwall, Ontario, where we planned on crossing back into Canada the next morning.

 You get to the park by driving under the Eisenhower Lock, which is part of the St Lawrence Seaway, a system of locks, canals and channels between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. There's about a 600 foot difference between the Atlantic and Lake Superior, so the locks and canals make it possible for cargo ships to get from one body of water to the other.

 Another hot day. Another swim.

And another beautiful sunset. I hope I never get tired of this.

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