Saturday, May 19, 2012

Days 42 - 43: Mother's Day with Elaine, Jay, and Family!

One of the great things about the eastern leg of this journey is all the friends and family we've been able to see.  When we left Herb and Gayle's we made the long journey south, about 20 miles, to catch up with my cousin Elaine and her family.

They're an awesome family who welcomed us into their fold right away! We felt right at home.

Elaine, getting her grill on!
Elaine and I tried to figure out the last time we'd seen one another and finally gave up.  Doesn't matter anyway, we just picked up where we left off!
We have great memories from when we were kids and all the family vacations and holidays we spent together.

Mmmm home cookin'.  We've gotten our share on this trip, we're really getting spoiled.

Elaine and her husband Jay are always in the midst of some home improvement project so we got to tag along on a couple of trips to the hardware store. It was refreshingly normal since this is the kind of thing we'd be doing back home!

Family time!  Elaine and Jay have four great kids (and two awesome dogs) that don't mind spending some time with their folks.  We really enjoyed being part of the family for a couple of days.

And the food (have we mentioned the food?)
Emily effortlessly whipped up this delicious dessert! Angie says she's gonna have to try out this recipe when we get home.

Meanwhile, Britton probably has a second career as a dog trainer.
Kipper made two new friends of the canine variety, Taz and Tonks.

Mother's Day brunch and with such a handsome family!
We weren't with our own mom's for Mother's Day so it was a treat to be included in Elaine's celebration.

Thanks to Elaine, Jay, Emily, Britton, John, and Jacob (and Taz and Tonks) for a great visit!
Love y'all, come see us in Austin!

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