Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 45: Philadelphia: Home of Cheesesteaks and Independence!

So we packed up our soggy selves and headed north into Delaware.
We had intended to spend another day on the coast and camp at Delaware Seashore State Park but camping at the beach is pretty pointless in the rain.

We passed thru Ocean City, Maryland, which was pretty neat.  Very retro motels from the 60's. Reminded us of Myrtle Beach. Maybe we'll come back under clearer skies. But if we do go back to Myrtle Beach or Ocean City, we need to remember to go at low season! We hear the summers get crazy!

Philadelphia was going to be our next stop anyway so we went ahead and got there a day early.  Lucked out and found a parking garage down by the river with enough clearance for LeTigre so we could get her out of the rain and dry her out a bit.

Whoa, that's quite a line to get a look at the Liberty Bell!

So we took a break and found a cheesesteak place around the corner.
We got the classic, with "whiz and onions." They were really good, but, fortunately for us, Austin's Texadelphia is just as yummy. Texadelphia does not offer the cheese whiz option...they do queso!

There was a Bruce Springsteen exhibit at the Constitution Center but tickets were $25.00!
His '60 Corvette was in the lobby so at least we got to see that...

Carpenter's Hall, the site of the first Continental Congress. 

It started raining again on the way back to the Liberty Bell but that was good because the rain chased the people away so we got right in.
 The bell was forged in London in 1752 and cracked almost immediately when it first used after arriving in Philadelphia and seems to be an example of shoddy workmanship, since it refused to remain repaired, cracking twice more before finally being retired as a working bell.  But it's a worldwide symbol of freedom and might have even been rung after the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence! The Dalai Lama, MLK, and many more peaceful freedom fighters have visited the Bell and have their pictures in the gallery.

Independence Hall, undergoing a little maintenance.
Our visit was nothing like in National Treasure.  Trust me, the security is pretty tight and you can't climb all over it digging bricks out of the wall and taking artifacts.

A painting of George and the boys declaring some independence!

Birthplace of a nation, the signing room. Same room as in the painting! Washington sat in the chair in the middle of this picture, the one with the gold medallion on it in between the two fireplaces. That gold medallion is actually a sun and led Benjamin Franklin to declare that, although he wasn't sure if the sun was rising or setting," after the Constitution was signed, he had "the happiness to know, that it is a rising, and not a setting sun
FYI, the chair in the photo is actually a stand-in for the original that was out for a cleaning...

No visit to Philadelphia would be complete without seeing Rocky!

The Philadelphia Museum of Art where Rocky Balboa ran up the steps.  Not sure if Stallone inspired people to work out on the steps or if he got his inspiration from people already doing it but there were dozens of people exercising! 


The view from the steps has changed a little but it's still a beautiful city.
We really enjoyed it.  Look, and there's some blue sky!

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