Monday, May 7, 2012

Days 30 - 35: Chillin' in Lusby, MD

After we left Baltimore, we had about a week to "kill" before Greg's dad and step-mom, Herb & Gayle, arrived back in Virginia from Florida. We could hang out in some parks and camp and eat canned chicken, but why do that when you could spend a week at Herb & Gayle's place in Lusby, MD? 

 Guess which one we did.

 Greg & I are perfectly matched in tennis.  We each hit about 20% of the balls headed our way.

 Kipper, however, is a tennis pro.

 Homemade shrimp ceviche. Yum.

 Sunset from the porch. That body of water is a "creek." Yes, a "creek." It's wider than most Texas rivers! To the left of the picture, is the Patuxent River, right before it flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

 Down the road from the house is the town of Solomons. They have a cool Marine Museum, featuring the Drum Point Lighthouse, a screwpile, cottage-type lighthouse, one of only three remaining from the 45 that once served the Chesapeake Bay at the beginning of the 20th century.  They're called that because the lighthouses stand on piles that are screwed into sandy or muddy sea or river bottoms, making it perfect for the soft Chesapeake bottom.  They were also cheap and relatively easy to build.

 Bret Michaels, live at the Marine Museum!! 


....along with mermaids and pirates.

 The area also has a cool Naval Air Museum...

 ...with lots of cool planes.  Check out the folding wings! So the planes can fit on the aircraft carriers.

 Helicopters with folding propellers.

  Early detection plane outfitted with a satellite.  This plane also has the ability to carry atomic weapons. Scary.

 No air museum would be complete without a fighter jet.

Later, we got out the golf cart and took Kipper for a ride....

....but he preferred to race us on the ground. 

And then, we dragged the kayak down to the water...

...where Greg paddled me up the creek. 

Hmmm, our next adventure??

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