Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 29: Jeff & Jane's Tour of Baltimore!

From David and Pam's in P.A. we headed over to Baltimore...

To visit Jeff & Jane!
This couple probably looks very familiar to many of our readers but for those that don't know them they lived in Austin for several years and they're awesome!

We located their house pretty easily but when we got there we found a note on the door that said they were down the block at "1919".  Which turned out to be their neighborhood bar where the first photo was taken.

The gentleman opening the door was one of the first people we met and immediately started spoiling Kipper with beef jerky!  From that point on Kipper was like a little celebrity.  Baltimore is definitely dog friendly.

Jeff and Jane live in this really neat old building that used to be a storefront and has an apartment above.

They're just blocks from the harbor...

...and more bars...

We stopped into the "Cat's Eye" for a pint of Nati-Bo and this pedal powered pub crawler rolled up for refreshments!

Sunday afternoon at the "Cat's Eye"!
On the right of the photo you can just see the three piece band that was rocking the house!

The bar's figurehead mascot carving.  This would look awesome on the front of LeTigre!

After looking around the immediate area for a little while we were whisked away in the Jeff & Jane mobile to a secret location for dinner...

Along the way we saw a building featured in the original movie version of "Hairspray"!

Oh, heavenly crab!!!
"A dozen 75's, a North/South chowder, onion rings, and a pitcher of beer"

I'm sworn to secrecy and can't publish the location of where we had dinner.  It's a favorite of the locals and Jeff & Jane are understandably protective of it.  We're flattered to have been taken into their inner circle and even got the VIP treatment from the owner who invited us to sit at his private table!

Any place this good in Austin would get tweeted, blogged, and facebooked to the point that it was overrun and ruined.  If you're actually going to Baltimore and want to know just ask us...
but you can't tell anyone else!

Oh, the carnage!  I love eating anything that requires a hammer as a primary utensil and Angie has been craving crab.
This might be the happiest I've seen her the entire trip!

A beautiful sunset to end the day.

But we didn't go home!  We closed out the night back at 1919 where we got to meet more of the neighbors and play "the juke box game" with Dwight, the bartender.  Never heard of "the juke box game"?  Neither had we, but basically he gives you free credits on the juke box and it prevents you from leaving because you wait to hear your song... brilliant!

Thanks, Jeff and Jane, for the insider's tour of Baltimore, the crab feast (of course!), and all your wonderful hospitality!

Our turn when you make it back to Austin for a visit!

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  1. Nice photojournalism there High Adventurers. You guys are an inspiration. And the keys to Crabtown are forever yours. Happy Trails!

    "It's Been a Good Year for the Roses." - George 'No Show' Jones.