Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 46 - 47: The Big Apple

We had pretty much dismissed going to New York City since we're travelling with Kipper and, even if we were dog free, we'd have to figure out how to navigate the city with LeTigre or find a place to leave her for a few days.

Just for the heck of it I googled "New York City camping" and guess what...

You can camp in NYC or at least pretty darn close!
Liberty Harbor Marina and RV Park just across from Manhattan in Jersey City.  Yes, it's basically a parking lot but that's exactly what we expected.  For $75/night you get a spot with water and power...

Within sight of the Statue of Liberty!

It was just a short bike ride to Liberty State Park where we caught a ferry...

...over to the Statue of Liberty!
As seems to be the case everywhere we go on this trip, she was undergoing renovation and you couldn't go inside or climb to the crown.  Our stimulus dollars at work, I suppose.

This was our first visit since 2001.  Freedom Tower is nearing completion but there's still a lingering hole in the city where the World Trade Center stood.

Angie loves New York!
We ferried from the Statue of Liberty over to Battery Park to reconnect with a friend we know from Austin...

...we saw Elmo along the way.  Guess he escaped the swamp in Jamestown and grew life size.

Then we saw Brent!  This was the highlight of the visit to NYC.  We had some pub grub and beers and a lot of laughs catching up, swapping old stories, and sharing some new ones.

We parted ways with Brent and caught the last ferry back to our campsite.
Unfortunately, due to all the urban noises such as sirens, trains, babies, helicopters, car alarms, and the like, we got very little sleep.

So the next morning, we took a walk around Liberty State Park and then left the hustle and bustle of the city to drive up the Hudson River to Fahnestock State Park for a restful night in the woods!

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