Saturday, July 2, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

OK, so we're supposed to be on this huge road trip, right?  With a strict budget, and a small camper, and close quarters, in the nature, and all the other stuff that goes along with it.   Well, since we left Austin (11 days ago), we've slept in Le Tigre exactly five times.  The rest of the time has been spent with friends and family.  That means that we've slept in real-live beds (in the AC! with laundry! and showers!) the other 6 nights, and we've got 3 more nights to go.
And we're being spoiled rotten.  It all started when we got to Mom and Grandma's last Sunday.  Greg's earlier post mentioned a smorgasbord of food.  Well, he wasn't lying.  There was queso with green chilies, fried chicken, pasta and crab salad, sauteed trout, buffalo burgers, ice cream, cookies, pork loin, baked potatoes, corn....oh yum.  Any weight I lost the first week was quickly recovered in the cool confines of Grandma's!!  But it was worth it to spend some relaxing days with her & Mom.

And we were able to re-pack (AGAIN) and get rid of some more things that the first couple of days camping made obvious we weren't going to need.  Like Kipper's life jacket.  Mom took one look at his lime green doggie flotation device and said, "Well, he'll be laughed right out of Montana in that thing.  Dogs up there are TOUGH!"  Soooooo, Kipper's life jacket will have to wait til the second leg of our journey, when we're near the Gulf and city dogs are more prevalent.

And, since we got rid of more stuff, Le Tigre is much more roomy!

Kipper liked the yard.  It's big and green and covered in soft grass.  Heaven.

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