Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quick Update: July 21 Silver Gate, Montana, One Heckuva Cool Town!

Yep we're in bear country...
As you can see we're prepared!

Sorry that we're so hopelessly behind on updates!  Wifi has been pretty much non-existent and cell reception is pretty hit and miss too.  We're just outside Yellowstone taking a day off in a little town near the Northeast entrance to the park.  This little store is the epicenter of town and is where I'm writing this.  The proprieter is nice enough to let me plug into his dial up connection for a bit to update y'all.  We'll be doing several posts to get caught up as soon as we're able.
In the meantime, just a little bit about where we are and how we ended up here.

with Angie and Kipper

So, have you ever been driving around Yellowstone National Park, in peak season, looking for a campsite and they're all full?  Well, we have!  We had no choice but to go outside the park and head for campsites in the surrounding national forest, when we came across Silver Gate, about a mile or two outside the park.  There was a sign for cabin rentals and being tired of driving, we stopped to check them out.  They were a pretty good deal but I went ahead and asked if they had a place we could park for the night and Henry, the owner, set us up with a sweet little spot next to a stream just off the main drag, for no charge!  So far we've met employees and passers thru from all over the US; Atlanta, Spokane, Florida, SF California, and even Austin!  We feel so at home we've decided to stay a couple of days and recuperate.  We'll get back on the road tomorrow and as soon as we get to a webernet connection we'll update you on everything we've been doing, including a full entry devoted to the great time we,ve had in Silver Gate.

Just wanted to let anyone that cares know we hadn't disappeared and now I've gotta get back to my beer!

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