Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Days 32-33 Bear Tooth Pass, Cody, and Chief Joseph Scenic Byway

While staying in Silver Gate we heard about Bear Tooth Pass and Chief Joseph Scenic Byway from several locals and tourists who were adamant that we'd regret it if we didn't take a drive on these two roads.  We had no intention of going back towards the east but we needed some provisions anyway so we decided to drive Bear Tooth and then onto Cody, Wyoming then we could return to Silver Gate via Chief Joseph.  Glad we did because the scenery was spectacular.  Have a look.

Kipper giving us his "let's go!" look.

On the way up Bear Tooth Pass.  Still quite a bit of snow to melt off!

The top is 10,947 feet in elevation.  We are freezing our butts off in this photo because it's cold and the wind is howling!

Nevermind, this cyclist is probably colder than us.  He is awesome.
We stopped to give him our email so we could send him this photo.

Ahhh, it's freezing up here!

Additional proof that Texans are unprepared for snow.

Ok, on the way down the other side.
Occasionally we'd encounter these landslide fences, comforting.

Spent the night in Cody at a little RV park.
The clouds only look ominous, there wasn't any rain.

LeTigre's ancestor...

 Following morning we took off for Silver Gate via the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway.
The landscape variety in Wyoming is pretty amazing.  There's been a lot of geological upheavel in this area. 

Neat metal sculpture at the top of Chief Joseph.

Hopefully you can zoom in and read this.  Nez Perce tribal leaders Lean Elk and Chief Joseph were quite the military strategists.

Overlook of the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway.

Shoshone River gorge.

Angie takes in the scenic beauty...

...while Kipper and LeTigre hang with the bikers!

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