Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 6! Zapata Falls and onto Pueblo, CO.

Once we got all packed up and left Great Sand Dunes we headed to a nearby trail that leads up to a waterfall, Zapata Falls. But first you've got to drive up a 3.5 mile gravel road that about rattled our teeth loose.  Anyway, we made it to the trail which is only half a mile long but we've had to really take things slow in this altitude (about 8000 feet).  We're used to that thick Texas air down around 500 feet.  We get up to the creek and to reach the falls you have to hike in the creek itself which is freezing cold!  It was totally worth it to see the water blast out of rock about 25 feet overhead.

Had to hike thru this ice cold creek

Into this crevice...

...that the stream has been carving for millions of years!

Angie admires the water's awesome power!

That water had some force!

Angie and Kipper from a little ledge above.

Once we were down from the falls and the bumpy gravel road (sorry LeTigre), we made our way over to I25 to head up to Lee and Patti's place in Pueblo West.  There we were greeted with a smorgasborg of food, Kipper had a bath (boy did he need it), I finally shaved for the first time since we left home, and we've already done laundry and just generally invaded their space.
Thanks Lee and Patti!

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