Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Days 16 & 17: Out of Colorado….in to Wyoming

We left Jim and Gemma’s (sad face) to get back to the serious business of camping.  On our way, we found this awesome Tiger. 

 I envy their storage space.

We headed north/northwest towards Medicine Bow National Forest. After passing through a cute town on the edge of the forest……
Centennial, WY

……we entered Medicine Bow and proceeded to have our breath taken away at every turn.

Yep, that's snow!

Not this particular one but some of the small lakes were still frozen!

Kipper's unfazed by the frigid tempature.

After driving the Medicine Bow scenic route (and boy, was it scenic!!), we camped at South Brush Creek…..

(This is the "creek," although it was more like a raging river from all the snow melt.)

(We were the only campers in sight!)

………and made a delicious dinner of smoked salmon we had bought at the Farmer’s Market in Longmont, CO.

After dinner, Greg built a fire and we hung out, relaxing while the sun went down….

…… enjoying the peace and quiet. Our part of the campsite was completely deserted, until the Canterburys drove in after dark. They were running late after spending too much time in the beauty of the Teton National Forest and asked us if they could tent next to us. If you’ve ever had to make camp after dark, you know how hard and sometimes scary it is (because it is DARK!!!!), so of course we said yes and shared our fire with them. In return, they gave us some spaghetti noodles and pasta sauce! Thanks Bethany and Brad!!!

The next day, we drove to Douglas, Wyoming. Nothing happened, except our skylight cover blew off  somewhere along the way. Once we were camped, we had to cover the entire Tiger with a tarp b/c it looked like rain. Fortunately, it didn’t rain, but we stayed at a KOA with Wi-Fi so we were able to look up camper repair places near-by. But that’s a different day………
 This is the KOA were we stayed.  Cute enough, until we had to get out of the pool because of.....well, I'll let this clip show you what happened.....

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