Monday, June 13, 2011

Candi and the Strangers

Saturday night was our last Candi show before we leave.  And it was GREAT!
A really great line-up, starting with the Dead Black Hearts

followed by Elevated Lines

and then us.

I really really liked the first two bands.  And I really liked the venue, Skinny's Ballroom.

It was a fun night!  And the 3D glasses were a special touch.

Tracy!!  Old friends reunited over silly paper glasses.

Vince, me, and Samantha.  They look great, but I've got Terminator eye.  

I'm going to miss Candi and the Strangers.  Greg's been in bands since he was 15, but this is my first one and it's been fun.  It's a cool process....working with other people to learn music.  Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard.   I never really considered myself a musician, but being in a band with my husband and friends I've know for 20 years brings a lot of trust into the situation and makes everything easier.  

Hopefully, this isn't the end........just a little break.

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