Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hooray! Greg is unemployed!

My tshirt screen printing shop has been sold.  Yep, I'm jobless, but it's all part of the master plan.  It's worth more now than it would be after being gone for a year so it was the right thing to do.  Two friends bought it and are going to operate the business together.  I think they'll do well!

I forgot to get my camera out to document the move until the last moment as they drove away with the equipment.  You can just barely see the press and a bunch of screens in the back of the truck.  They showed up with trucks, a trailer, and an army of guys to help so it went very smoothly.

Haven't seen the shop this empty in 3 years!
Wonder what we'll do with it when we get back?  I forgot to get a before photo but if you're curious what it looked like there's a video on the shop's website
Don't email me there, it's no longer mine!

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