Wednesday, March 30, 2016


We successfully crossed the scary Gulf Stream and made it to Bimini!
It's a whole 50 miles from Miami... but a world apart!

Doesn't sound like that bid a deal when you say it like that but it's a big deal to sailors because it can go terribly wrong if the wind and waves don't cooperate.  In our case they did, for the most part.  We started out at 2am, to guarantee that we arrived in daylight.  Our first time to sail at night so that was new and terrifying, I mean exciting...

There were some rough portions but the winds moved from East to Southeast during the day and we were able to sail at least half the time and managed 7-8 knots for a couple of stretches both under sail and on the engine, with the help of the Gulf Stream's current.  We made it in a blistering 11 hours!  That would be hilarious to most power boaters but hey, we used less than 5 gallons of diesel!

We'd love to show you a bunch of photos of the sunrise under sail, the ships and freighters we passed, the incredible blue water because it's thousands of feet deep, etc... but the wifi at the marina sucks so that'll have to wait.
In the meantime please look at the Tumblr posts.

Heading to the Berry Islands next!

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  1. Really enjoyed your posts.Hope that you reached Florida and safe harbor .
    S/VV Faith