Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pennekamp State Park

We've been hiding out at John Pennekamp State Park for about a week.
We heard about the place from another cruising couple (hey Paul and Nancy!) that waited for their Bahamas weather window here too.  We've never even technically met them!  A friend of a friend (hey Nancy W.!) told them about us and they reached out to us via email.  We were hoping to catch up to them but they've been in the Bahamas for almost a month now.  Who knows we might pass them on their way back.

Anyway, Pennekamp is a fantastic park.  There's several beaches, a small marina, dive shop, camping facilities, mooring balls, etc.  Mooring balls are similar to anchoring but more reliable in adverse conditions and they're much cheaper than a marina slip.

Here're some photos of our time here.

There were some grey days and we rode out a thunderstorm but this was usually our view from WIngs.

There were always a few other boats in the mooring field but it was never full.

One of several nice beaches and good snorkeling.

The little marina is mostly for the park's boats and for use of the boat ramp but there's also 3 slips you can rent.  Our boat is a little too wide and you have to back in anyway.  We don't do backwards so well.  That's "Outta the Loop" (hey Paul and Jackie!) in the back.  We've crossed paths 3 times now!  They spoiled us to a fantastic steak dinner aboard their beautiful boat, what a treat!

The park runs snorkel and dive trips out to the many nearby reefs.

Kayaks and paddle boards for rent.

The visitor's center has a bunch of aquariums with coral and sea life.  Note the Caribbean lobster, hopefully we'll be eating some of these very soon...

This huge aquarium is in the center of the visitor's center.

Kipper got plenty of land time.

We've been wearing out the new (to us) dinghy.  Little guy requires a few pumps of air daily but is much roomier than the old one.

It'll be getting even more use in the Bahamas...

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