Sunday, December 4, 2016

Still Here!

Hello again! 

Obviously our blog has been dormant for awhile.  Even in these modern go fast times WiFi access is not as reliable and prevalent as you might think and when you do connect it typically doesn't have the juice to upload photos, etc, not via computer anyway.  That has pretty much been the case for months so hopefully anyone who cares to know what we're up to has been following the Tumblr posts.  Now that we're back in the USofA we'll begin compiling some posts, photos, videos, etc of the last few months of cruising and driving around.

It is December of 2016 already! It's been a crazy year (personally, nationally, you name it) but we're trying to go back in time and get some stuff published before moving on to 2017. We are safely on land visiting friends and family so if you read anything alarming, it's already happened! 

A brief recap:  In October 2015 we bought a boat, 

learned to sail it and cruised the southwest coast of Florida, down to Key West, out to the Dry Tortugas, and up to Key Largo, 


crossed to the Bahamas for two months, 

had some issues and limped back to Florida to haul the boat out, 

fixed the boat and took her across the Okeechobee waterway to western Florida, 

where we kept Wings until we sold her.

So, we did give "living the dream" a chance, i.e. life aboard a sailboat, with all the promises of sun, fun, sand, turquoise water, umbrella drinks, etc...

That particular "dream", for us, also included
lightning, running aground, stress, weight loss, panic attacks, and monetary loss...

Funny thing is now that we've been solidly back on dry land for a while, I (Greg) miss some of it!  Angie and Kipper... not so much, at least not yet.  
We'll land travel for now and see what happens...

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  1. Well I'm sorry for the lightning, running aground, stress, weight loss, panic attacks, and monetary loss, but you sure got some great photos (and, I wager, stories) out of it! Selfishly I'm glad you're on land for a while so we can see y'all!!