Thursday, November 24, 2011

Days 144 - 148: Back to the Land of Beer and Honey Mead

We reached Lee and Patti's in Pueblo West (we'll get back to that...) and spent a few days with them before heading to the Denver area.  Angie's brother, Vince, would be flying into Denver on the 19th to spend Thanksgiving in Colorado and ride back to Austin with us.

Hmmm, what to do until then???

Go to the Wilson's in Longmont, of course!

And hang out in their kitchen eating and drinking beer!
This is fitting because we visited over the 4th of July, at the start of the trip, so this  brings us full circle!

Our dogs Alice and Kipper got to rekindle their little summer romance.  This is a rare moment of calm.  They spent most of their time rough housing and chewing on each other's faces...

Jim took us on a hike up Sugerloaf Mountain one day.  Gemma's at work, bummer.

It was windy!  This is a timer shot of us nearly getting blown off the mountain.
The views were spectacular.  The cities of Boulder, Longmont, and Denver to the east and the majestic Rockies to the west.

Deja vu, been here before!

After the hike we refueled at Boulder Beer Brewery on micro brew and green chili cheese fries.  One of Jim's favorite spots, we spent some time here last visit too.

Another great dinner.  Gemma spoiled us with a homemade curry dish.
Note Angie is already in her pjammies, prepped for the "True Blood" marathon after dinner.  Gemma caught us up on the entire third season.


Sushi and Vietnamese for lunch the next day at "Ocean Sushi."  Yummm

That night we drove over to nearby Lyons, CO to check out a band that Jim knows.
This arcade full of really cool vintage pinball machines was next door to the venue.

Oskar Blues, another brewpub.  This is the Lyons location where we saw the band, there's another in Longmont.

The "J. Shogren Band" from Centenial WY.
Very cool Americana, Country, Blues type stuff.
J. Shogren is a Nobel Prize-winning economist who works for the King of Sweden when he's not rocking out.
No joke.

They had a full house including a wedding party that dropped in!

Kipper and Alice tired from playing all day.
Alice would be waiting at the bedroom door every morning for Kipper...
and then chew on his face.

Thanks Gemma, Jim, Jack, and Alice for a great visit!
Come see us in Austin soon!

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