Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 125: Travertine Hot Springs, CA

Angie has been wanting to find some natural hot springs, not the kind where the water has been diverted into a big concrete pool (see Thermopolis blog) but  literally a hole in the ground.  We spoke with a really nice, knowledgeable Park Ranger, Paula, at Mono Lake and she told us about a hot spring that we'd pass on the way to Tahoe.

So after Yosemite, we drive to Brideport, CA, stop at the local Ranger station, and pick up the hand drawn map.  "Take the dirt road to the right and go past the shootin' range..."

A little further up a bumpy dirt road and voila!

Pay dirt!

Hot springs with a view!  Sawtooth range in the distance, part of the Sierras.

There were several pools that people had made with the materials at hand and temperatures varied depending on how close they were to the water source.  Pretty cool, I mean hot!

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