Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Days 126 - 129: Lake Tahoe, with the Ryders!

So, the day has finally arrived.....Scott and Amy Ryder are here!!  They are our dear friends from Austin and we were so excited to see them.

They found this awesome house in Carnelian Bay, on Lake Tahoe.  Check out LeTigre lurking under the deck.  Perfect for her!

Also perfect for Kipper.  This house is super dog friendly.  Doggie toys and treats and beds were everywhere.

They even provided this tag for your pup!

After we got all settled, we wanted to check out the area and stumbled upon this short hike to a volcanic peak overlooking the lake.  Lake Tahoe was carved out by a huge glacier, but there was also volcanic activity around.  This is Eagle Rock, a lava plug.  So, no eruption, just a slow growing mound of lava.  Cool.

The other super cool thing about where we were, besides the beautiful scenery, is that is completely dog friendly!  Kipper was able to go everywhere with us.....

.....off-leash, even on top of the lava plug.

Since the lake was carved from a glacier and is fed by snowmelt, it's super clear.

And it's huge...about 22 miles wide.  And deep...it's the second deepest lake in the US, after Crater Lake. 

It's not a party until there's a puzzle being put together!  Shrinky-dink!!!

Scott and Amy rented a car so we didn't drive for 4 whole days!!  Scott was nice enough to drive us around.    Beer run!!

Like I said, Carnelian Bay is super dog friendly.  All the dogs just run around, off-leash.  Here, Kipper is making some new friends, via the butt sniff.

The boys trying out the hot tub.  But first, they had to fix it.  There was a short or something, but they figured it out.

On our way to another hike.  This one is 4.5 miles up to Ellis Peak and Ellis Lake.

We passed some snow on the way.  Maybe this will be the Ryder's Christmas card?

Amy and I sitting down for lunch at Ellis Lake at the bottom of a talus field.

Ellis Peak.

Ellis Lake

Scott and Kipper share a moment.

The views were pretty amazing. 

Relaxing in the hot tub after our hike.  It was a great visit, full of food, laughs, games, hikes, dogs, and did I mention food?  Thanks so much Ryders!!!

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  1. Oh boy oh boy! Wow it looks so awesome! But I hope Tex doesn't read this post, he would be mighty jealous! :)