Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Vague Time Between Yellowstone and Glacier Nat'l Park

We spent three days getting from Yellowstone to Glacier, much to Greg's chagrin, and there's not much to report.  The main highlight was that we met Megan and Wayne in Bozeman, MT!!

 We met over WiFi passwords and got to know each other over our FAVORITE variety of box wine (generously provided by them.....thanks Megan and Wayne!!).  They're from Alaska and have this awesome Airstream Sprinter van that they're driving to Ohio for continental travels.  But they also have a VW pop-up in Alaska for local travel.  Cool set-up!  Oh, and they also thought it was real hot in Bozeman, while I was freezing my butt off at 75 degrees.  (Ahhhh, to be from Alaska and never know the joys of 100+ heat!!!)  Hopefully, we'll make it up to Alaska one of these days and see them again.  Wine's on us next time!!

 We went to a pawn shop on our way out of Bozeman and got a smokin' deal on two binoculars (because we needed them at Yellowstone.....hopefully, we'll need them again...)  Thanks Pat!

I accidentally deleted all the pictures from this hike, but it was to a fire look-out at the top of a mountain called King's Hill in the Lewis and Clark National Forest (those guys got around).  It's a ski resort in the winter and it looked really cool to see all the runs and equipment without any snow.  The ski resort is "Showdown Montana" and their website has a webcam of the slopes.  That's a decorated buffalo statue in the foreground (of the webcam)...those buffalo statues are all over Montana, just like the guitars in Austin.

 The next day we went to Great Falls, MT...to the Lewis and Clark Museum.  Well, we didn't actually go INTO the musuem, because it was pricey, but we did the walk along the Missouri River.  It's cool to think about the adventurers of the West, not knowing what they were going to find, trying to find ways across all those rivers and mountains.  At the end of the walk, there's a really pretty spring fed river (Roe River) that feeds into the Missouri.  It's the shortest river in the U.S., at 201 feet long.  And it's CLEAR.   Of course, I deleted those pictures too, but Google it, there's tons of photos.  (Geez, why do we even need to take our own pictures???)

 And, here we are for the night.  Hangin' out in an RV park parking lot in Great Falls.  Right next to the really loud highway.  This was definately NOT a highlight but it was cheap and had wifi and showers.  

Kipper's like, "dude, what the heck??  why are we hanging out in a parking lot instead of the wilderness?"

Don't worry Kipper, tomorrow we'll be at Glacier Nat'l Park!!!!


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