Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh Canada!

Well, they let us in.  We're in Canada!
Our first night we camped at Redstreak Campground in Radium Hot Springs which is part of Kootenay National Park.  Got in kind of late and neglected to get photos, again.

But what we did get photos of is this awesome Tiger!

This beauty belongs to David and Rebecca from Northern California.
You might have noticed a few upgrades have been made to the Tiger motorhomes over the years.

It's certainly larger than LeTigre but still very compact for an RV.  It's also 4 wheel drive, nice.

David and Rebecca sold their home, got rid of most of their belongings, joined the Peace Corp and served in Ukraine for a few years, and now live and travel in their Tiger full time.  They look pretty happy, don't they?
Check out their website:
They really get around!

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