Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 46: Golden, British Columbia

Golden is a neat little town we were passing thru on our way to Glacier National Park (the Canadian one).  We didn't intend to stay there but we needed to do some grocery shopping and there was a nice municipal campground right in town so we spent the night.

Got in some fetchin' time with Kipper at the local school's soccer field.

 Cooked up a fantastic dinner and were having a nice, relaxing evening, when the strangest thing happened...

Just as we were going to bed and the entire campground was quieting down for the night a young woman started shouting for help.  She had hiked out onto a steep hillside across from the campground, it got dark, and she couldn't get down.  All the campers woke up and ran towards her location but there was a fast moving river about as wide as a football field between the campers and where she was stuck.  Everyone shined flashlights and headlights on her location until the fire and police rescuers could get there and help her down.  You can just barely make out the stranded person and a rescuer on the cliff to the right of the tree.  In addition to the river there was also an active train track on the other side and a train went right thru while the rescuers helped the young woman.  It was all pretty surreal.  They got her down without incident.  Found out later that she walked out there with only a cell phone for light and dropped it in the darkness.

Didn't get any sleep but did get to see this cool fire truck.

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