Saturday, May 21, 2011

Woohoo! We get to leave early! Oh, and we're not going to Alaska...

Big news!  Angie figured out that she can leave earlier than we thought!  We were leaving July 1st but we can now leave as early as June 21st, at the least that's the new goal.

Wow, that's close...

The other big news is we're not going to Alaska, or at least not driving there.  Alaska will have to be it's own trip at another time.  We had conversations with people (thanks Grandpa Bill and Scott/Ivy too) who have done it and came to the conclusion that gasoline is just too expensive and the distance too great to drive it right now.  We're not too sad about it because it means more time in other places since we were going to have to rush to be in and out of Alaska by September to avoid snowy weather

 Whoa, that's a long way away.

The distance from Banff National Park in British Columbia (now our northernmost destination) to Anchorage, Alaska is over 2000 miles and then we would get to drive the same way back 2000 miles!  Over 4000 miles round trip!  The distance from Austin to Banff is 2000 miles one way.  Alaska will have to wait.

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