Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Much for that Tax Return...

So about 2 weeks ago we noticed Kipper wasn't eating.  It's not unusual for him to skip meals but it turned into a few days so we took him to our Vet.  She did x-ray$, an ultra$ound, and several other te$t$ and came to the conclusion that there was a blockage in his stomach.  After a couple of days it hadn't changed so she had to remove it $urgically.  He got pretty weak and run down but he's finally getting back to normal and eating again.
What was in his stomach, you ask?  A huge wad of gra$$ that he apparently ate to make himself regurgitate whatever was bothering him.
Didn't work.

This is the day after the surgery, when we retrieved our little weed eater.  He no feel so good.
Special thanks to Dr Erin and her crew at Austin Urban Vet Center!

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